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About Assassination Nation (2018)

Assassination Nation is a black action comedy horror film from 2018 written and directed by Sam Levinson. It stars Odessa Young, Suki Waterhouse, Hari Nef, Abra, Anika Noni Rose, Colman Domingo, Maude Apatow, Joel McHale and Bella Thorne.

assassination nation

It had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2018 and is scheduled to be released on September 21, 2018.

When an anonymous hacker exposes the secrets of the residents of Salem, Mass., Four high school girls get their revenge.

Initial release: September 21, 2018 (USA)

Director: Sam Levinson

Screenplay: Sam Levinson

Executive Producers: Courtney B Turk, Jason Cloth, Ali Jazayeri,

Producers: David S. Goyer, Kevin Turen, Manu Gargi, Matthew J. Malek, Aaron L. Gilbert, Anita Gou

Assassination Nation (2018) online news

Premiere of the murderous nation

The activation warning in the opening announces words like toxic masculinity and transphobia, attitudes that we will inevitably find in a story about high school children whose private lives online explode in the open and wreak havoc in their small town.

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The astounding Odessa Young plays Lily, a teenage Lolita who, along with her entourage, stretches on both sides of the thin line between exploitation and empowerment. They become prisoners when online hackers expose people’s dirty clothes turn the city into a violent mafia that seeks someone to physically hack.

Pulsar with style and tension while it relates to all the topics of conversation that incite aroused the indignation of Twitter, the film finally corners itself in a corner and gives way to a retribution of feminine power that is bloody but also basic.

Bella Thorne Cast of Assassination Nation
Bella Thorne

Do not miss the opportunity to win tickets to watch Assassination Nation. Located in the suburban community of Salem (natch), the chaos of the film is ignited when an anonymous hacker begins to expose the private data of select citizens. When the hacker suddenly doxxes half of the city, an initial wave of fair public embarrassment gives way to a violent mob mentality of paranoid prejudice where the gallows are no longer proverbial.

Three centuries ago in Salem, Massachusetts, rumors killed 20 residents. Imagine if the mafia had Twitter. The film of suspense and fury of Sam Levinson “Assassination Nation” starring four high school girls in the current parallel universe of Salem, forced to grab weapons after an anonymous hacker exposes all the dirt of the city. The midnight hearings began to scream at the initial moment of warning that they were about to see sexism, racism, torture, violence and fragile male egos, but the film feels like a Molotov cocktail thrown against a target confused. Levinson is fighting more villains than any other script, and in the end, his sharp punches penetrate a bloody end that is satisfied with cathartic applause.

Lily (Odessa Young) is 18 years old and she has a secret. Popular beauty is cheating on her boyfriend (Bill Skårsgard, minus make-up “It”) by sending sexy selfies to married father Nick (Joel McHale) next door. It’s not that easy: in one scene, it lists the effort required to look slender, well-lit and “fabulous hashtag”, and, as the secrets say, it’s not that exceptional. They all have secrets in their phone. His friend Bex (Hari Nef), a trans woman, has just slept with a caddish soccer player named Diamond (Danny Ramirez) who insists they keep their secret connection to their team.

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At parties, Lily, Bex and her best friends Sarah (Suki Waterhouse) and Em (Abra) seem safe. But while they take pictures and flirt, Levinson divides the screen into three panels, each in the shape of a Snapchat window, to imply that they are being presented to the public. The film tunes the Cardi B. while the girls die on the dance floor to attract the attention and tastes of social networks. But nobody wants to share how the night ends in tears.

Older people, says Lily, believe in privacy. The young are not so naive. They accept that their lives are for mass consumption. At best, they try to control which part of themselves come up. However, they may still be deliberately blind to their online image, as bimbo animator Reagan (Bella Thorne) believes that creepy adults prefer their Instagram selfies because of their visible soul, eh. When it is revealed that Mayor Bartlett (Cullen Moss), the first victim of hacking attacks, hires male escorts, the consensus is that he should have been smarter, freeing children to make fun of his taste in clothes inside. He snorts to a girl, “It’s so wild!”

Suki Waterhouse cast of Assassination Nation
Suki Waterhouse

That initial charge hits the city like a bomb. As the gloomy culprit clicks on “share”, it shows the sound effect of an explosion. The crowd then attacks director Turrell (Colman Domingo) for taking pictures of his six-year-old daughter in the bathtub. He’s a pedophile, Lily’s parents insist. But there is a nude baby picture of her hanging in her house, she answers.

  1. The director stops in front of an uproar that refuses to listen to reason, preparing a confrontation that “Nación asesina” never solves. Instead, the score is filled with tragic violins and the movie goes wild.
  2. Like the real Salem trials, middle-aged men are some of the first martyrs, although, as Bex notes, since the mayor worked against the safety of LGBTQ children, it was worth it. Eventually, the crowd turns to the girls. Initially, Levinson bites his long legs and shorts. (The consequent precaution of the film included the male gaze). But when the lens remains on Lily’s pink socks that say “Fatal Attraction,” Lolita’s wardrobe is so exaggerated that it also challenges a conversation about a woman’s right to dress for male attention without being called “the bitch number 1”. of Salem. “
  3. Levinson is eating his cheesecake and making the audience freak out with it too. The girls, who repeatedly emphasize that they are barely legal, radiate so much sexuality that it bewitches the men of the city.
  4. At the climax, the boys wear masks that make them look as faceless as a Twitter avatar, and hunt Lily and her friends for shaming good guys like Nick and Diamond.
  5. The fight feels surreal and expected. After all, in another movie, the girls know that beauties like them “would definitely die at the end”. Here, Levinson dares to blame what women wear.
  6. Few films have discovered how to cover all the contradictions of female seduction and the victories of girls who can also recover and leave them broken. Zambull
Hari Nef Cast of Assassination Nation
Hari Nef

Energetically creepy, free and violently funny, the satirical horror Assassination Nation is a throwback to the teenage films of the black comedy of yesteryear, but with a scathing and timely feel. Although it smells of a range of classic films of femme and queer exploitation such as Heathers, Gregg Araki’s first films and Japanese sukeban films of the 70s and 80s that presented vengeful schoolgirls, the key role played here by social networks, pirated and resurgent identity The hysteria of “witch hunts” makes this feel very 2018.

Collected by Neon and AGBO for about $ 10 million reported for global rights, this piece of intelligent set should easily be recovered quickly through several distribution platforms, although its ideal scenario is how it was shown at Sundance, in a theater with a Strident, upward crowd fun for the night.

A second play for writer and director Sam Levinson, whose debut, the ensemble drama comedy-oriented Another Day also won applause at Sundance in 2011, Assassination Nation has a nice hell for leather, everything, but cooking. sink the mess that may not necessarily please some viewers. But this quasi-random and almost random effervescence is evoked almost in the first minutes with an ironic “activation warning” supported by the montage, which advises viewers to keep prepared for “drug use, sexual content, toxic masculinity, homophobia, transphobia, firearms, nationalism, racism, kidnapping, male eyes, sexism, oaths, torture, violence, blood, weapons and fragile male egos. “

The story unfolds in an anonymous state, but a city called Salem, one of those details too much in the nose that occasionally irritates. Like many of her classmates, Lily, an 18-year-old high school student (striking and paying attention, Odessa Young), spends almost as much time sending text messages, sexting, Snapchatting, Instagramming and similar things as breathing, so spend Friends’ time is not so much a feminine squeak as sharing a space where everyone can play in parallel while caressing their phones. Lily’s most beloved friends are: Em (singer and songwriter with unique name Abra), who lives with her single mother Nance (Anika Noni Rose); Sarah (Suki Waterhouse), whose background story is barely developed; and Bex (Hari Nef, from Transparent), a young trans woman whose gender identity, at first, seems to be just a problem for anyone in her circle.

Like many children of your generation (if you believe what you hear in trashier television programs), for these characters sex is not as important, and monogamy is hardly registered for them except as a possible word to see on the SAT. Lily is nominally dating, but Dim Mark (Bill Skarsgard), but secretly sends a lot of salacious selfies to a mysterious older man she may have slept with. Bex gets off with a handsome Latin soccer player (Danny Ramirez) at a party that turns his back on him at school the next day, although he seems to take it easy.

Odessa Young Cast of Assassination Nation
Odessa Young

But things change dramatically when someone starts hacking the phones of prominent figures in the Salem community. First it exposes the dirty secrets of the mayor (Cullen Moss), then he is the director of the secondary school (Colman Domingo) and then ordinary citizens suddenly find that their text messages and private image galleries have been shared with everyone in the city. The authorities trace the activity to Lily’s house, and the citizenry, turned into a cloud of hysteria and thirst for blood, becomes murderous.

Sure, it’s a bit abrupt and not entirely plausible, but the whole movie works in a kind of semi-surrealism flight where such sudden changes and changes of character are possible. Just to zhuzh up with that extra touch of topicality, the townspeople don the MAGA style red baseball hats, and the sheriff calls them flatteringly “good people”, a sort of keyword in itself from Trump’s comments about the neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville.

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With so many things playing, the center cast really does not have much opportunity to stretch, but nevertheless, Young and Nef stand out especially with their more dimensional characters. As a technical exercise alone, Assassination Nation continuously impresses, from the lapidary, the cinematography inspired by Le Mepris by Marcell Rev to the expressive wardrobe of Rachel Dainer-Best and the washing of sound and music by the composer Ian Hultquist and the music supervisor Mary Ramos

If there is a key contribution that deserves praise, it is the contribution of editor Eon Patane, who manages to build

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