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Boy Erased is an American-born dramatic film of 2018 based on the memoirs of Garrard Conley, entitled Boy Erased: A Memoir. It is written and directed by Joel Edgerton, who also produces with Steve Golin and Kerry Kohansky Roberts. The film stars Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and Edgerton, and follows the son of a Baptist preacher who is forced to participate in a gay conversion program.

Boy Erased

It had its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival on September 1, 2018. The film will be released in the United States by Focus Features on November 2, 2018.

Jared is the son of a Baptist pastor in a small town who gets knowledge from his parents at age 19. He soon faces an ultimatum: to attend a homosexual conversion therapy program or to be exiled and permanently rejected by his family, friends and his faith.

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Initial release: November 2, 2018 (USA)

Director: Joel Edgerton

Screenplay: Joel Edgerton

Producer: anonymous content

Adapted from: Boy Erased: A Memoir

Edgerton, who is Australian, recruits two of the country’s leading actors, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe, to play a pair of devout Arkansas parents whose faith is challenged when they discover that their son, Jared (co-star of “Manchester by the Sea “) Hedges) can be gay. Jared himself does not know, which is perhaps the most honest thing the film portrays, dramatizing the way someone raised in a conservative religious community wants nothing more than to be “normal”, scared by his attraction to other kids and desperate for ” Fix “” Whatever is wrong with him. ” “Boy Erased” is faithful to that confusion, telling the story from Jared’s point of view while treating his parents’ convictions as valid, at least in their own minds.


Troye Sivan cast of Boy Erased
Troye Sivan

Jared’s father, Marshall, is a Baptist preacher (he also owns a local Ford dealership) who loves to remind his congregation that they are all imperfect people and that only faith can make them complete. One would never guess by the expression on Jared’s face during that sermon what kind of secret shame he might be hiding, in fact, the film oddly refuses when it comes to recognizing him as a sexual being, as if doing so could be manipulative or exploitative: his solitary sex scene presents a horrible encounter with a college sweetheart (Joe Alwyn), who brutally rapes Jared, and then calls his parents to come out.

When his mother, Nancy, hears the news, a tear slips down her cheek and retreats to her room, where no one will see her mask run. Marshall is more proactive and calls two church leaders to advise him on what to do. Following his advice, he confronts Jared directly, asks the child if he wishes to change sincerely and then sends him to the conversion field, a place administered by the self-anointed therapist Victor Sykes (Edgerton) and a group of men who lead us to believe , having “overcome” his homosexuality by sheer force of will, plus Flea as a type of aggressively homophobic drill sergeant who teaches them about masculinity.

Edgerton never went as far as “Cameron Post” did by ridiculing gay conversion therapy, sensing that even a relatively mild description will boil the blood of the audience, while a more sarcastic or disrespectful approach would alienate those who believe in such behavior. methods The ultimate goal of Edgerton and his creative collaborators may be to end conversion therapy (final credit statistics suggest that 700,000 young people have undergone such programs), but that will only happen if concerned parents can convince themselves that they are doing more. harm that good, so a couple of scenes of the third act between Jared and each of his parents has such a powerful impact (bring a handkerchief).

The problem with such films – in reality, with any story set in a rigidly conservative institution, be it a psychiatric hospital (“One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”), interned (“Society of dead poets”), training camp ( the first half) of “Full Metal Jacket”) or conversion program (“The Miseducation of Cameron Post”) – is that they inevitably feel like prison films, resorting to reductive tropes (like the idea that authority figures are hypocrites) to present the case that the only solution is to explode. It is a standard cliché, for example, that someone ends up being pushed to suicide, therefore, it serves as a wake-up call to strangers that there is a problem. The only question here is who will be that victim.

Real life is more complicated than that, and Edgerton shows an admirable sense of restraint, even when it hits all the usual rhythms. It includes moments of silent introspection for the characters and audience alike, looking at the back of Jared’s head, as he presumably tries to pray to the homosexual (although the film never responds if it is able to reconcile its sexuality with its faith, or if not forced to leave the church to live its truth). It is not necessary for Sykes to be described as a villain for his methods to be considered harmful, and it is actually more interesting if some of Jared’s campmates believe in the program. The film could have been stronger if it had given some of the other teenagers the opportunity to express their views.


Lucas Hedges cast of Boy Erased
Lucas Hedges

Audiences who know Xavier Dolan’s flamboyant fame as a filmmaker may be surprised to see his almost total transformation into the morose and emotionally subdued Jon. Australian online personality Troye Sivan offers the opposite perspective, playing whitened blonde Gary, who offers Jared’s advice on how to fake his way through the program (he also provides the soundtrack with two heartbreaking ballads, including the excellent original track “Revelation” ) Despite his sad face as Charlie Brown and his untrustworthy posture, Hedges seems perhaps the least gay of the group, which is in itself an important statement, since communities like those in Arkansas still combine homosexuality with the effeminacy

If “Cameron Post” served as a useful tool for teens, “Boy Erased” feels that its greatest value will be for parents, particularly those with LGBT children of their own, and Crowe and Kidman have rarely been better in their support roles. Very often, parents see this news as a reflection on themselves, seeking to understand their own shortcomings or looking for a way to repair the problem. For Garrard Conley, whose memoirs inspired the Edgerton film, sharing his story was the key to fixing things with his parents. Maybe there is a lesson for us. There is for me: my father also lives in Arkansas. Since I left, we have reached an agreement: I never talk about my private life, and he never asks, which means that, for almost the last 20 years, he has not really known me. That is what it means to be a child erased.

After sharing some new singles with fans, including a dance duo that featured Ariana Grande, Troye Sivan released her new album Bloom on Friday, August 31st. The album marks a significant change for Troye and, as he explained, Bloom is destined to signal the start of a new musical journey.

  • In an interview with Variety, Troye detailed how his first album should be accessible, but Bloom is completely different. “With my first album I felt the need to educate people a bit more,” he said.
  • “I wanted to take the hand of someone who is not weird and relax them gently in a strange love story that was super-PG This time, I wanted to write music for people like me, honest music, and real music.”
  • Joe Alwyn cast of Boy Erased
    Joe Alwyn

    He continued to address the importance of his work being political and making a statement. The actor and singer has spoken frequently for LGBTQ rights in the past and told Variety that he has no “option” when it comes to using his voice. “My existence is somehow political,” he said.

  • “I also see the opportunity to amplify the voices of others who deserve a platform, so I do everything I can to do it whenever I can.”Troye went on to explain how his work in the film has served as a means to inspire him to make changes and demand equal rights for the LGBTQ + community. The singer of “Bloom” specifically pointed out his experience in starring Boy Erased, a film based on a book of the same name by author Garrard Conley that explores the dangers of conversion therapy.
  • “It opened my heart so much to anyone who has been through that,” he said. “And he filled me with fire to try to make a change, he made me feel grateful to realize how lucky I was to have the experience I had when I left.”
    In a previous interview with Teen Vogue, Troye said that going out was “a way to take control of that situation and own it.” He shared his hope that his story could inspire others, and said: “I have realized that, being a strong voice for me, there are other people like me who will see that and appreciate it.
  • Growing up was someone I could look at and say, ‘Oh, that person is like me.

The filmmakers behind the Boy Erased conversion therapy movie have announced an unexpected addition to the canon of the true crime podcast. And like murders or presidents who take advantage of young women, forcing children to “pray to the homosexual” is a crime that still prevails today. Hell, it’s even legal in most states and advertised on Facebook. UnErased deepen the movement of barbaric conversion therapy in the United States for four episodes. The podcast is being presented by the brilliant Jad Abumrad, presenter of Radiolab, along with the co-producer of Boy Erased and cast member David Joseph Craig. Garrard Coney, who wrote the memoirs on which Boy Erased is based, will also have a stake in the production.


Nicole Kidman Cast of Boy Erased
Nicole Kidman

“UnErased will pick up where the memories and the film go,” Conley and Craig said in a press release. They point out that they are working closely with the Mattachine Society of D.C. and other LGBTQ advocacy groups to expose the stories of other survivors. The Mattachine Society was founded in 1950 and works to archive the often erased stories of gay history in the United States.

Movies like Boy Erased and The Miseducation of Cameron Post help shed light on the cruel practice of conversion therapy, exposing the true psychological horror it causes. As we noticed earlier this month, representations of practice in pop culture have come a long way since the cheap gags of Will and Grace. The trend speaks of a political climate in which states and international governments of the United States. UU Finally they seek to prohibit conversion therapy.

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While UnErased should be a harrowing listener, hopefully it will also help provoke positive action.

Boy Focus will be launched by Focus Features on November 2. The podcast will premiere at some point during the weeks prior to that date.

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